The Credits

Abi would like to thank
(alphabetically - in absence of a better idea):

André Waldenmaier of Staufer Custom Guitars, Eschenbach, Germany

Clive D. Ayres of Ayres & Partner, Munich, Germany

Craig Parrish of Creative Artists Agency, Beverly Hills, CA

David Neely of Neely Guitars, Los Angeles, CA

Doug Chandler, Annapolis, MD

Gaby Hoffmann of Showcase, Nashville, TN

Gregor Olbrich of Thorndal Guitars, Eggenfelden, Germany

Hapé Ernst of 2-publish, Munich, Germany

Katrin Kalyta of BMG, Munich, Germany

Klaus Schmalenbach of BMG, Munich, Germany

Lisa Sharken of Guitar Player Magazine, New York, NY

Lloyd Baggs of L. R. Baggs acoustic amplification, Nipomo, CA

Maria Reimers, Santa Monica, CA

Mark Tinglos, Beverly Hills, CA

Michael Poerschke of BMG, Guetersloh, Germany

Mike McGuire and Ernie King of Gibson Custom Shop, Nashville, TN

Paul Rivera of Rivera amps and R&D, Sylmar, CA

Paula Chandler of Chandler Guitars, Richmond, UK

Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Stevensville, MD

Ramona Simmons of Global Eyes, Nashville, TN

Rolf M. Nicklaus of IMS, Berlin, Germany

Seymour Duncan and Rodney Gene of Duncan Pickups, Santa Barbara, CA

Stefan Zirnbauer of Munich Repair Shop, Munich, Germany

Techstar - Randy, Doc and Dave, Nashville, TN

Terry Britten, Richmond, UK

Thomas Weilbier of No.1 Guitar Center, Hamburg, Germany

Tom Holmes of Tom Holmes Pickups, Nashville, TN

Uwe Salwender of Salwender International, Orange, CA

Vince Emmett of Melody Hill Farm, Louisville, KY

Wolfgang Eistert of Guitar & Coffee Shop, Mannheim, Germany

- for feedback, support, friendship, energy and open ears!

Kay Blaschke, Munich, Germany

Michael Herdlein, Munich, Germany

Peter Weber of Weber Studios, Munich, Germany

- for photography and vision.

And Eric
for coping with my chaos,
mastering the web and
for being a friend