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“King Of Heart Medley”
( all songs written by Abi
von Reininghaus )

A special medley of the songs
on “King Of Heart”...

( 4.2 MB )

“Cuban Rhapsody”
( written by Abi von
Reininghaus )

Song excerpt (Guitar solo)

( 1.6 MB )



Soundfiles from “King Of Heart”

You can hear excerpts from the “King Of Hearts” songs either here
or at the
CD-Section. Click on one of the song-titles to hear an
MP3-excerpt of the respective song...
Each MP3-file is sized about 300-500 KB




“Seven Friends”

“Remember Me”

“Movin´ Out”

“Don´t Wait For Love”

“The Wedding”

“Only The Beginning”

“Thats Why I Learned Guitar”

“Captain Locrian´s Revenge”

“Southern Steel”

“Into The Light”

“Clara´s Lullaby”

“I Thank You”