Q: Who is Abi von Reininghaus ?
A: Abi von Reininghaus is one of the driving forces of German guitarmusic -  guitarist, instructor, journalist, industry consultant, composer and author.

Q: What were/are his activities?
A: Live- and studiowork, former editor for German music magazine FACHBLATT, R&D and marketing for Synthaxe Midi-Guitar Controller, Industry consultant for companies such as Hoyer, Eko, Valley Arts, Rocktron, Starfield, Seymour Duncan, Mesa/Boogie, Chandler, Rivera, Diezel, Staufer, etc...
Starting back to '91 he  wrote the popular monthly column "In Vivo Guitar" for Germany's  biggest guitar magazine GITARRE & BASS until 2001,
In '94 he published his first "guitar- method-and-more-book" “IN VIVO GUITAR”(Voggenreiter Verlag). The book was re-released in an updated version, featuring additional, all new content, in 2007.
In 2009, his debut CD "King of Heart" was re-released as an Artist Reissue version with four previously unreleased songs.

Q: What do I have to know about "King of Heart" ?
A: The CD contains 12 all instrumental guitarsongs from a wide variety of musical styles with a strong emphasis on ballads. From mid tempo rocker “Seven Friends” to the romantic “Into the Light” and "Don't Wait for Love", from trailblazing hardrock like “Captain Locrian’s Revenge” to the lyrical acoustic intimacy of “Clara’s Lullaby” and "I Thank You" all the way to the southern rock slide guitars of “Southern Steel” and "Movin' Out".
Abi likes to refer to his music as "Songs without Words". He aimed his music not  only at the guitar playing community but on everybody who enjoys the sound and tone of electric and acoustic guitars ....melodic, virtuoso, romantic, honest.

Q: How do I get the CD ?
A: In Germany, the CD is available through any CD store, incl. Saturn and Media Markt, and can be ordered at Amazon and Music By Mail. For more info and international orders, click HERE.

Q: How can I get in contact with Abi ?
A: You can either contact him by “snailmail” at Alnico Records, Gaenselieselstr. 13 b,
D-81739 Munich / Germany, or via E-Mail at